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Osaka International Convention Center
5-3-51 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka City, 530-0005 Japan
Tel: 06-4803-5555

The facility is located in Nakanoshima in the center of Osaka. This facility can be used for various activities such as different types of conferences, concerts, exhibitions, providing a high-quality service emphasizing bringing people of different nationalities together through various exchanges. The Osaka International Convention Center Corporation was founded as a joint venture between Osaka Prefecture and the Osaka business community. Inheriting the foundation from the time of the former Osaka International Trade Center, the company was entrusted by Osaka Prefecture with the management of the Osaka International Convention Center.

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Some Nearby Hotels are recommended on, as December is the peak season in Osaka, it is suggested that participants make the reservation in advance.


The organizer doesn’t provide accommodation, and we suggest you make an early reservation.