Singapore Visa Information

Passport holders from Belarus, Brunei, Cambodia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea (South), Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Norway, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Thailand and UK do not require for a visit of 14 or 30 days. Nationals from Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain do not need a visa for visits up to 15 days. Vietnam has an E-Visa service available that costs US$25 and takes 3 working days.Tourist visas are good for thirty days and may be extended after your arrival in Vietnam. Fees and requirements vary from embassy to embassy; about $50 in Bangkok and $85 in Washington, for example. A double entry visa is also available for tourists making side trips from Vietnam to destinations in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.
A visa on arrival service is offered by various travel agents on the web. This is more of a pre-approval visa service and you may be limited by arrival dates and arrival locations. It is only available for arriving at the airport. We advise you to get a visa before arriving as the visa on arrival may have limitations.

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Visa Note:

BIOTC 2021 is not authorized to assist with the VISA process beyond providing the Notification of Acceptance Letter and Invitation Letter (after registration) issued by the BIOTC conference group. Should your application be denied, BITOC cannot change the decision of the Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nor will BIOTC engage in discussion or correspondence with the MOFA or the Embassy of Vietnam on behalf of the applicant. The registration fee cannot be refunded when the VISA application of individual being denied.